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Taxi from Winton Pennington to Gatwick Airport

Taxi from Winton Pennington to Gatwick Airport. 6 lads to Gatwick airport from Winton and Pennington and a pick up in West Parley. A taxi for 6 lads ok with luggage and snowboards in proper long bags well I have seen a few but the bags are as wide as most golf bags but longer!

Unloaded and straight back now for a Southampton to Mudeford trip with skis. Unfortunately, airline staff announced to the customers after they had to wait at the baggage reclaim for 20 minutes that their skis had not been loaded but would be on the next available flight and delivered to them as soon as possible.

Why do they wait till you land at Southampton Airport and Heathrow Airport to tell you they have not loaded all the baggage. They know before you take off it would be less stressful for all involved taxi drivers waiting for customers that are waiting by baggage reclaim telling us there just waiting for one more bag everyone else has left then they have to fill in the forms.

To contact Dorset Airport Taxi or to enquire about booking a Taxi from Winton Pennington to Gatwick Airport or for more information on our Airport Cars or Ferry Port Taxi, please use the enquiry form or call us on 01202 481809

Additional contact telephone: 07704 502678

Should you have any further enquiries please email [email protected]

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Taxi from Winton Pennington to Gatwick Airport

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